School Year Program

Students enrolled in ELM have music classes for 3-4 days every week from September through May. Our vibrant after school programs serve students who live and/or attend school in the San Rafael City School District. Students study musicianship and their instrument during after school classes.

Saturday Ensembles

On Saturdays throughout the school-year, ELM provides group and ensemble based music education to 140 youth in San Rafael's Canal neighborhood. Saturday is when students from all schools come together to participate in ensembles. Our Saturday Music School compliments and deepens our core program of instruction during the week by providing choral and instrumental ensemble experiences. 

We have two divisions:

  • Pre-orchestra Division students, ages 7-9, all sing in the ELM chorus. They also study soprano recorder, violin, or cello instruments through which they learn ear training, music theory, and music-reading skills. After students demonstrate basic music competence and commitment, they are offered opportunities to transition to an ensemble.

  • Upper Division/Orchestral Program We currently offer: violin, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet and trombone. Students study instrument method and technique, music theory, play in chamber ensembles, and in orchestra..

All students have multiple ensemble and performance opportunities. Every student teaches his/her peers and mentors students in younger divisions—a wonderful way to build skills and friendships.  

Parent involvement Saturdays provide opportunities for ELM parents, grandparents and families to contribute through attending parent music classes, volunteer in a myriad of ways – from bringing snacks to monitoring recess times, to organizing fundraisers and reach out to and welcome new families. We have many opportunities for parents to assume leadership roles in ELM, by becoming a parent 'rep' for their child's section, working to plan guest speakers, and concert preparation. This year, we are offering ukulele classes for parents and are excited that they accompany their children in concert.

Photo credit: Tim Porter