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Monthly Giving

Take your commitment to music education to the next level by making a monthly gift

It’s easy! Simply choose the amount you would like charged to your credit card every month, and you’re done! Your donation will process automatically once a month.

When you become an ELM monthly donor you get VIP invitations to ELM’s signature events and performances, and exclusive insider access. 

Monthly donations provide a sustainable revenue source for ELM so we can focus more energy on our mission to provide music education to youth in underserved communities.


Sponsor a young musician

$100 a month covers a young musician’s tuition for a month


support a cellist

$80 a month provides a cello for a new student


support a violinist

$50 a month pays for a violin for a new student


SUPPort a trumpeter or trombonist

$35 a month provides a trumpet or a trombone for a new student


support a flautist or clarinetist

$25 a month provides a trumpet or a trombone for a new student


pay for Instrument accessories

$10 a month covers the cost of instrument accessories (bows, reeds, etc.)

ELM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our Tax ID is 46-3586448.

Thank you from all of us at ELM!