Photo: Jane Kramer

Photo: Jane Kramer


ELM thanks all of our generous donors. Each and every gift - small and large makes an enormous difference in the lives of our students. We thank you most sincerely!

Special thanks to the Albert J. Boro Community Center, Pickleweed Park and the San Rafael School District for hosting our programs and the Throckmorton Theater for hosting our concerts.


Foundations & Corporations

Isabel Allende Foundation
Amazon Smile
Aria Foundation
Bank of Marin
Carnegie Hall
Fullerton Family Foundation
The Fred Gellert Family Foundation
Jonathan Logan Family Foundation
Marin Charitable
Marin Community Foundation
     Aster Family Fund of MCF
     Buck Family Fund of MCF

Milagro Foundation
Orchard House Foundation


Anonymous (2)
Josh and Yoshiko Adler
Tom Allen and Beth Levison
Andy and Amy Arenberg
Elliot and Barbara Axelband
Larry and Toni Bailer
Doug Bauer and Laurie Meier Bauer
Andy Behar and Sara Sackner
James and Kathleen Bell
Bob and Laurie Berendsen
Terry Berkemeier and Lori Lerner
Ron and Elynor Berman
Steve Bingham and Francoise Blusseau
Joel and Paula Blank
                  In Memory of Jeanne Wetherby
Richard and Cheryl Brandon
Nina P. Brandt Fund
Leonard and Beryl H. Buck trust
Jeff Burack and Shelly Ball
Bob and Connie Ciesick
Mary Clarke
Eda Cole
Maggi Connolly
Zvi and Marjorie Danenberg
Michael and Nancy Daniels
Alison Davis
Steven Donaldson and Blanche Fiesel
Dan and Karen Dunn
Tom and Ellen Ehrlich
Emily Golinkoff
Mitch Feldman and Jane Kramer
Jeanne and Koji Felton
Tara Flandreau
Richard and Kayo Fleisher
Mary Fleming
P. Fong
Mary Ford
RoseAnn and Tom Frank Fund
Gary Friedman
Hugh and Elizabeth Fullerton Full Circle Fund
                  In Honor of John and Jessica Fullerton
Shari Gallucci
Ronni Garfield
Jeanne Georgeadis
Dennis and Susan Gilardi
Gina Day, OD
William and Ruth Goldman
Michael Golinkoff and Liza Kramer
Ruth Greenfield
Bill and Pat Hager
Richard and Heidemarie Hillson
Patrick Hobin
                  In Memory of Jeanne Wetherby
Liz Hollander
Kurt Huget
Marta Huget
Leonard Hunter Julia Marshall
John and Kaye Jackson
Jeri Johnson-Horn
Richard and Yoon Jordan
Mike Kappus
Ellen Karel
Paul Katz and Patricia Miranda
Roy and Shari Klein
Elaine Kramer
Peter Kramer and Liz Etkin-Kramer
Louis and Britt Lagatta
Richard and Jungwha Laiderman
Deborah Logan Lee
Chris and Karen Leech
Leslie and Jacques Leslie
Tiaga Liner
Nancy Lowrie
Marty Makower
Ilene Mason
Eve Masonek
Bobbie McChristy
Bill and Joan McKnight
Christine McMasters
John Miller
Barry and Laura Miller
Barney and Ann Mizel
Azita Mujica
David Neuman  
                  In Memory of George Johnson
New World Library
                Recommended by Georgia Hughes
Joe and Jane Nezwek
Dave and Lynn Pape
William and Sharon Parsons
Eliseo Perez-Stable and Claudia Husini
David and Gail Perin
Brian and Jan Pittner
Bob and Sulyn Rains
Red House Fund
Richard and Madeline Baron
Morton and Jane Robinson
Lynn Roy
Stephanie Schaffer
Tomas Schoenberg and Lynn Signorelli
Tom and Pat Schrader
Ethel Seiderman
Constance Shanahan
A.L. and J.C. Soost
Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Mary Hynes
Jim Trostle and Lynn Morgan
Van Weele Family Fund for Marin
Leo VanMunching III
Pravin and Ruth Varaiya
Stephan and Barbara Vermut
Wetherby Asset Management
Deb Wetherby Fund for Marin
John Wilk and Betsy Eddy
Tom Wilson and Terry Bright
Diane Winokur
Bobbie Wunsch
Mark Yanover

Gifts In Kind

Mahealani Bernes
Albert J. Boro Center, Pickleweed Park
Silvia Buckley
Ramona Chipman
Dolce Violins
Saul and Gloria Feldman
John Jackson
San Rafael City Schools
Andrew Victor
Mark Yanover

Community Partners